Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Semana de Dean Winchester: Quotes Favoritas

Día 2 de la Semana dedicada a Dean Winchester. En esta ocasión postearé algunas Quotes de Dean que considero especialmente memorables. Siendo sus one-liners uno de los aspectos esenciales de este personaje, hacer una semana de Dean sin ellos sería, en palabras de Soun Tendou, un “Ranma sin su Akane”.

Dean: (A Sam, luego de que éste ayudó a Molly a dejar este plano de existencia) Well all right, Haley Joel.

Dean: (A Sam) "Hey, no chick-flick moments"

Dean: (A Sam) "Oh, college boy thinks he's so smart."

Henriksen: I got a lot to celebrate, after all. Seeing you two in chains...
Dean: You kinky son of a bitch, we don't swing that way!

Henriksen: You know what I'm trying to decide?
Dean: Oh I don't know, what - whether cialis will help you with your little condition?

Dean: "This map is totally worth the five bucks. Hey, we gotta check out Johnny Rammone grave when we're done here."
Sam: "You wanna dig him up too?"
Dean: "Bite your tongue, heathen."

Dean: Dude, this is sweet! I never get to work jobs like this.
Sam: Like what?
Dean: Old-school haunted houses. Secret passageways, sissy British accents. We might even get to run into Fred and Daphne while we're inside. Mmm, Daphne...love her.

Dean: Zombie with skills. Dr. Quinn, Medicine Zombie.

Sam: Remember that thing in the paper yesterday?
Dean: "Stripper suffocates dude with thighs"?

Dean: (A Sam, refiriéndose al trato que hizo con el demonio de las encrucijadas para resucitar a Sam a cambio de su alma) Don’t worry, Bobby will find a way to break it. Until then I say we hit Vegas. Pull a little Rain Man. You can be Rain Man.

Dean: (En forma espiritual, tratando de comunicarse con Sam) Give me some ghost whispering or something!

Dean: (Explicándole a Sam porque obedeció a Andy) He full-on Obi-Wan'd me. It's mind control, man

Dean: A young girl been kidnapped by an evil cult?
Sam: Girl gotta name?
Dean: Katie Holmes

Dean: My favorite kind. What do you think, Scully? You wanna check it out?
Sam: I'm not Scully, you're Scully.
Dean: No, I'm Mulder. You're a red-headed woman.

Dean: (a Gerard St James) You were desert soldier number four in Metal Storm: The Destruction of Jared-Syn. I knew I recognised you. I am a huge fan. I mean – your turn as a tractor crash victim in Critters 3? Wow.

Dean: (posando para el fotógrafo de la policia) I call this one my Blue Steel…Who looks better – me or Nick Nolte?

Y finalmente una frase que resume muy bien quien es Dean:

DEAN: (Luego de matar al demonio de ojos amarillos) Well, check that off the to-do list.

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WingedLion said...

La última que pusiste sobre lo de eliminar a Yellow eyes es la mejor. Aunque la de Katie Holmes y la de "Zombie with skills. Dr. Quinn, Medicine Zombie" estan geniales.